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Wellington LUX Exhibition

Light space modulator (circle #2) by HC Gilje

We are excited to announce details of the Wellington LUX Exhibition which will include a fantastic selection of international and national artists.

Featured in The Engine Room: Light Canvas by AntiVJ, Light space modulator (circle #2) by HC Gilje, virtually reality by Courtney Norman, Spectre / Spectator by Hamish Tocher, Te Kete Tuauri by Hemi MacGregor and Geo-Ping by Interrupt.Collective
Featured in the Tea Gardens: White Cube / Black box by Lisa Munnelly, Space Trace: Navigating Digital Space by Antony Pelosi & Oliver Blair and L.E.D Zeppelin by Antony Nevin

The Engine Room Exhibition is also open to the public from Tuesday 12 July to Thursday 21 July, opening hours are Tuesday-Saturday 12-4 pm

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