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Sabine Marcelis and  Rob Hebing

Blend is a kinetic sculpture created by Dutch designer Rob Hebing and Netherlands-based New Zealand designer Sabine Marcelis. It is a study into the creation of colour through the visual blending of a number of light sources. The kinetic sculpture will come to life its handle is turned, and the 3 individual arms spin to create a complete colourwheel. One arm spins in Red, another in Green and the 3rd in Blue, where they overlap to create secondary colours and the centre of the wheel becomes pure white.

Give it a go!

Rob and Sabine met whilsts both working at Studio Roosegaarde in 2010.  They worked on several light and interactive installations during this period and have been waiting for the opportunity to work on something together again since. When sabine came across LUX it seemed a perfect excuse to put their skills together again for a collaboration.

Rob’s background is in interaction design and engineering, whereas Sabine comes from an industrial design and concept design background.