At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: art, design and architecture

Cornelia Erdmann


Cornelia Erdmann is a versatile artist specializing in public art, commissions and multi-media installations. She loves to work with light and to play with different materials. Originally from Germany, Cornelia now lives and works in Hong Kong.

Cornelia will be showing the work Lightweight as part of the Urban Alive Exhibition – a delicate yet mesmerising light installation. The sculptures are made from electro-luminescent wires, attached to existing structures. They form and segment the space, fanning out into the environment, offering the audience an altered experience of a familiar site. Each sculpture is made in a different coloured wire. The fine coloured lines overlay each other, creating a spider web-like maze on site.

Cornelia’s participation in LUX has been facilitated by kind support from the Goethe Institut.