At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: art, design and architecture

Courtney Norman

Image credit: Tim Onnes

Courtney Norman is currently completing the fourth year of her Bachelor of Design Honours Degree, majoring in Spatial Design at Massey University Wellington. She spent a year in Edinburgh, Scotland, before commencing her degree and was strongly influenced by the difference in the nature of the light in the city by the sea compared to her home town of Masterton in the Wairarapa valley, New Zealand.

Norman carried this interest in light into her studies, eager to see what role both natural and artificial light played in spatial environments. Her area of focus throughout this course has been the quality, emotional and architectural aspects of lighting design. Lighting is an area of particular interest because of the power of its absence. To create this presence of light in her designs, Norman looks to form a dynamic relationship between aesthetic qualities and functionality.

The work Virtually Reality will be exhibited at Wellington LUX, it is an exploration with projection that illuminates the parameters and qualities produced between the virtual realm and reality. This work shapes space, mood and atmosphere, altering and stimulating the technical mind. Utilising the light from a separate and independent source, the redundant bodies of many incandescent bulbs can be lit; presenting them with a new lease of life and at the same time allowing the digital to take a physical position.