At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: art, design and architecture


dfprofileimgdf., or design the future, are Liam Ryan, Frank Maguire and Jason McDermott.

Liam Ryan is an industrial designer and interactive artist from Sydney, Australia. He worked for an independent design studio before making a sideways leap as a sustainability consultant for global engineering firm Arup, and more recently to a senior resource efficiency policy officer within the NSW Government. At Arup, Liam formed a lasting creative partnership with Jason McDermott and Frank Maguire while working on urban informatics and data visualisation projects.  Liam brings expertise in batch manufacturing techniques, computer aided design and user interaction to this creative partnership that has built a reputation for crowd-pleasing, intelligent and technologically innovative work.

Frank Maguire is a designer with experience in Interaction, Industrial and Urban Informatics design. He has spent 20 years at the forefront of ICT, creating technology to meet people’s dreams, needs and desires. His portfolio spans fields such as public art, medical and consumer electronics and urban information architecture. Frank’s human experience focus has influenced the strategies of multinational businesses such as Arup, Singtel and Mirvac as well as delivering new technologies for government and research organisations. In Frank’s work, human needs drive design decisions, resulting in deeply engaging experiences with technology.

Frank strives to give people access to something they have never done before. His interactive artworks use physical and kinetic elements to express digital algorithms. At their heart is technology such as sensors and microcontrollers, the result is expressed through movement and light and the artworks come to life only through the presence and engagement of their audiences.

Jason McDermott is a graduate of architecture, an interactive artist and a designer.   Jason has been working in the crossover between architecture and interaction design for the last 5 years, creating new interactive spaces and human-responsive environments.  His interactive works are focused on revealing less visible patterns of activity and his award winning work has been exhibited internationally from Sydney to Edinburgh.

They will be exhibiting Social Firefly as part of the Urban Alive exhibition.