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Digital Wattle

Fresh Concept

Digital Wattle explores the interplay between ethnic groups coexisting in one city. When the flowers sway gently in the wind they slowly change colour, representing different cultures.
The flowers of the wattle grow in clusters on a single branch and are made up of translucent plastics balls atop an elegant, carbon fibre stem. The flowers begin by glowing a pure white, but slowly each flower changes colour, representing the new mix of cultures residing in Wellington. At the end of the cycle the wattle flowers comprise many colours whilst being united on the same branch.

When viewed from afar the installation appears bright and lively, all lights and colours collaborating together in harmony. Much in the same way some immigrants are lured to a new country by its energy and freedom.

The lights will flicker and fade the more they are approached, evoking the delicate and gentle aesthetic of the flower. The fading represents the introspective and timid feelings provoked by being in a new environment and the gradual nature of cultural shifts.

The installation is highly energy efficient with over 300 individual lights drawing less energy than three domestic light bulbs.