At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: art, design and architecture

Dispersión Cromática


Verónica Heredia Otero and Ricardo Gómez Terrones

Dispersión Cromática explores the behavior of light; the way light travels through a porous material by breaking down LEDs into their component RGB colours. The slowly changing rhythm and colour of the LEDs reveal the relative proportions of RGB that make up the overall color of the installation. The porous organic material creates a special visual effect when light crosses its body, something akin to a colorful stained glass window.

In this work Verónica and Ricardo examine the confrontation of nature and technology, the interaction between the tangible world of materials, embodied by the porous fruit “Luffa”, and the evanescent nature of light framed against synthetic materials.

Ricardo Gómez Terrones researches and experiments with materials and electronics; how they are assimilated by the senses mainly visual and haptic. At the beginning of his creative process he finds inspiration in scientific research as a theoretical base for the projects he develops.

Verónica Heredia Otero has developed several projects that involve body language, lighting exploration, and tangible new media implementation. She is primarily interested in designing for physical, interactive experiences.