At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: art, design and architecture

Distant Light


Sang Jun Yoo

‘Distant Light’ is a spatial installation. Although light makes everything visible, light itself is not usually

noticed because we mostly see the objects that it reflects against. When we look toward the sun everything in our vision turns both visible and invisible. This is nature’s rule: an object is only visible when light reflects it. Under a light source, every subject is illuminated in human perception because light amplifies our vision. Ultimately the relationship between light and shadow becomes the threshold of human perception.

In Distant Light, a sheer curtain wall is slowly disturbed by gentle wind. Light eminates from somewhere behind the curtain wall, and makes the it visible to the audience. The ambivalent feelings created in the darkened and hazed space drives the viewers motivation to discover.

Sang Jun, Yoo is a new media artist. Born in 1982 in Seoul, South Korea, in search of art forms in conceptual ideas and self-consciousness that transcend genres in design and art fields. Influenced by technologic reference media, Sang Jun engages visible and invisible optic matters and subconscious interactions between people and their surroundings.

Sang Jun’s work is about amplifying human relationships in everyday phenomena, helping viewers to locate themselves in between natural and artificial spaces. His artistic goal is to translate this relationship into an experience by inviting people to find a consciousness through their own reflections. Creating a path for new perspectives between natural and artificial spaces by passing through superficial layers of apparentness and traveling surfaces.