At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: art, design and architecture

Free Beauties


Kristin O’Sullivan Peren

Kristin O’Sullivan Peren is a Central Otago-based multi-disciplinary artist. Her work references the search for the modern sublime through altered states and changes in technology and how these, in turn, create social change.

Research tells us that historically, utopian altered states are the product of societies that pursue their ‘progressive’ ideals at the expense of a lost paradise. Her creative expressions explore several of these ‘paradises’ found and lost in the pursuit of progress and ask the question “what is it that we value most? Is it what we have now or what we have lost?”

Kristin’s work questions with some urgency the changes that are happening on, and to, our precious planet and asks us all to reflect on what we cherish most. Perhaps this is nothing more than a single breath.