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Gabby O’Connor

Gabby O’Connor is a Wellington-based artist who has been exhibiting internationally for the past 11 years. She has exhibited in Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Holland and Australia and has had artist residencies in Melbourne, Sydney, Hiroshima and Wellington. She studied sculpture (BFA) at Victoria College of Arts, University of Melbourne and holds an MFA from the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts, Sydney. O’Connor’s practice involves process-based, site-specific works in paper and light, drawing and theatre-based collaborations.

At Wellington LUX, O’Connor will discuss her current projects that both launch during July 2011: What lies beneath [Hirschfeld Gallery, City Gallery Wellington, 2-31 July] and What lies beneath – the return [North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford UK 20 July – 20 August]. The two installations are companion exhibitions that consider the icebergs that will eventually calve off the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, carrying the frozen remains of Robert Falcon Scott and four of his crew of explorers, who met their fateful ends almost at the South Pole in 1912.

For these projects, O’Connor uses only tissue paper, shellac, dye, staples and fluorescent and natural light to transform and disrupt the natural navigation through the gallery spaces.

One day O’Connor hopes to go to Antarctica to see some real icebergs.

Gabby O’Connor appears in association with City Gallery Wellington, where between now and early July 2011, she will be constructing a major temporary sculptural installation for the Hirschfeld Gallery. What Lies Beneath (opening 2 July).

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