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Hamish Bell

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Hamish Bell is a technical director of lighting at Weta Digital, New Zealand’s internationally renowned innovators within the film industry. Currently working on the lighting for “Tintin,” Hamish made contributions to other box-office hits such as “The Water Hoarse” and “Avatar”.

Before joining Weta, Hamish completed a degree in 3D animation and effects at a Canberra T.A.F.E. College in Australia followed by intensive experiences working on various games and television productions in Sydney.  He also became involved in the world-wide audio visual scene in the production of animations at Glastonbury and Fabric which led him towards his career as a lighter at Weta in 2006.

This presentation will provide a unique inside look at how Weta is organized and how the teams work together with a special focus on the production of stereoscopic 3D movies.