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Installations 2012

Enigmatica by Kit Webster

Kit Webster

Enigmatica is an intricately composed synethsetic environment merging mapped video projection, geometric forms and synchronised sound. The installation consists of ten suspended frames that diminish in size down the length of the gallery space. With a video projector at one end and speakers at the other, animated sequences and syncopated patterns shift back and forth across the sculpture while music and sound design synchronises with the vision. The video sequences alternate from being mapped to each individual frame to blending across the entire sculpture. The effect is further intensified as the projected imagery builds to a rapid pulsation back and forth over the sculptural forms, creating an illusionary dimensional shift that explores the distinction between the digital and physical elements of the work. The sculptural forms, animated textures and sound compositions are all developed simultaneously, allowing for the vision and sound to fuse, interact and shift along the sculpture.

About the artist

An emerging talent in cutting-edge technological art and design, Kit Webster is gaining wide attention for his audiovisual installations. Ranging from site-specific projections to synesthetic sculptures, his works utilise precision programming and visualisation techniques to create captivating immersive environments and sculptural forms that combine digital and physical elements.

Afterlight by Storybox

Storybox Afterlight

Hindu temples, flaming money and the faces of humanity make up some of the content for this multi screen projection work by local studio Storybox. The work is a continuation of their process combining location based narrative, remix aesthetic, and shipping containers. From creation myths to flashing neon tubes, the role of light can be conceived as a symbol of progress or an ancient way of communicating with the spirit world, After Light explores how it continues to inspire and influence people.

Filmed and presented in Singapore 2012 as part of the iLight festival across 27 containers and 14 screens this version for its New Zealand premier at Wellington Lux it will be shown on four screens across two containers.

About the artist

Storybox is a Wellington boutique arts, design, technology and ideas production studio. We believe in our ability to tell unique stories across different mediums and spaces that have integrity and context. Its our aim to be fearless and fun.

Wave Light by Squidsoup

WaveLight plays at the boundaries of physical and virtual worlds, juxtaposing and contrasting the two. The work is a self‐contained (virtual) dynamic ecosystem of forces and elements that are affected by, and representative of, the passing of time and activity in a particular space.

WaveLight projects a vast virtual container of reactive fluids onto the physical world for an audience to interact with. The virtual fluids are responsive to physical activity but also interact with themselves through a series of timed events. The result is a generative “painting” – a continuously building record of human activity around the artwork that settles as layered sedimentary strata and contributes to the overall aesthetic of the work.

About the Artist

Squidsoup is an international group of artists, researchers and designers (UK/NO/NZ) working with digital and interactive media experiences. Our work combines sound, physical space and virtual worlds to produce immersive and emotive headspaces where participants can take active control of their experience. We explore the modes and effects of interactivity, looking to make digital experiences where meaningful and creative interaction can occur.

Acute Self by Interrupt 

Acute Self by Interrupt

Acute Self is based on Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending Staircase and investigates how a person occupies space as they move. The viewer’s movement generates a 3 dimensional geometric shape. This shape then changes its perspective as you continue to move from side to side. The viewer can experience the virtual space they have created through their movement. This project investigates how we interface with the amalgamation of the digital and physical space.

The viewer is given the opportunity to investigate and interact with their own movement as well as experience how they occupy their digital and physical space. This exhibition was first presented at the Digital Art Live screens in Auckland and is made possible throught the support of Creative New Zealand, CoLab and AUT.

About the artist.

Interrupt is a collective of digital-media artists, interaction designers, live video performers and sonic artists working across a range of live performance projects and installations. The binding principle of the collective is to generate experimental work that explores the boundaries between architecture, video, performance, sound and interaction.