At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: art, design and architecture


Interrupt is a collective of digital-media artists, interaction designers, live video performers and sonic artists working across a range of live performance projects and installations. The binding principle of the collective is to generate experimental work that explores the boundaries between architecture, video, performance, sound and interaction.

Recently the members of Interrupt have been involve in The Performance Arcade, Auckland Festival of Arts, Wellington International Arts Festival, Everything is OK and Tiger Translate. Interrupt includes Johann Nortje, Stuart Foster, Angus Woodhams, Harry Silver, Rob Appierdo and Kris Henning.

The work Geo-Ping will be exhibited at Wellington LUX, it is a spatially interactive audio-visual environment. The project consists fragmented shapes, releasing an audio-visual exploration of space through viewer interaction. The project uses emergent technologies to create interactive hybrid physical/digital environments that test the limits of and interface between physical space and digital. As the viewer walks in front of the mapped surface, tracked three dimensionally in the virtual world, their digital shadow splits open the edges it touches revealing shards of light and sound emanating from behind. From this the projection becomes an instrument with which the user can perform with sound, light and virtual space.