At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: art, design and architecture



Cornelia Erdmann

Lightweight is light, and light in weight. It is a delicate light installation integrated with existing pole sculptures along Wellington’s water front. It is visually striking – in particular at night – yet very subtle and of low impact in terms of obstruction of view and wind. Lightweight thereby blends in with its site, yet at the same time manages to significantly change the original impression of it.

The suspended sculptures are made from electro-luminescent wire of various colours, that adopt the colour scope of the aquatic scenery of Wellington in hues of green and blue. The sculpture is suspended in straight lines and based on mathematical principles that shape parabolical Beziér curves. Lightweigt forms wave-like shapes that are equally reminiscent of the ocean, and the hills surrounding the Wellington harbour. The fine lines softly glow in the dark and overlay each other, creating a spider web-like maze on site, offering the audience an altered mesmerising experience of a usually familiar location.

Cornelia’s participation in LUX has been facilitated by kind support from the Goethe Institut Wellington.