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Marcus McShane


Marcus McShane is one of New Zealand’s most prolific lighting designers, having produced over 200 professional designs. He is currently based in New Zealand, but also designs in Australia, Spain, and the UK.

In 2009 he worked with Peter Stenhouse on a commission for The New York Metropolitan Opera, to celebrate the Opera’s 125th anniversary, and then redesigned Sleep/Wake for the AK09 season, which won gold in the NZ Designers Institute Best Awards 2009. He designed lighting for Everything is Okay in 2010, which then won the gold in the same category (temporary spatial design) for that year.  He also designed Heat, a show lit by custom LED units which toured it’s own wind and solar power system for over a year and became the world’s first self-powered and entirely sustainable piece of professional theatre.  He has three Chapmann Tripp awards, including Chapmann Tripp lighting designer of the year 2011.