At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: art, design and architecture



Marcus McShane

Wellington is a city where the sky and the wind are ever present but light pollution in the compact inner city means that the sky itself often becomes invisible when night falls. Sky is a permanent installation work that takes the energy of the wind and uses it to map this usually invisible urban sky, bringing a representation of it to the levels of streets and buildings.

An almost-transparent grid of LED pixels is suspended above the entire length of Opera House Lane and a weather camera set on the building above tracks and plots the clouds that move over the city, identifying their forms and shapes. This is translated into a suspended sky of LED points, creating a scale miniature of the sky that we would see if we could be high above the buildings around us and see past the spilt light of the city.

In times when there are no clouds to track, Sky will turn from the macro to the micro, using a set of four infrared cameras to track and plot the movement of pedestrians beneath, trailing them with light and responding to their movements and interactions with one another and with the space around them.