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Tracing Transience


Darklit Design

Tracing Transience explores how the shift from the light of day to night creates an absence of detail for those passing through the environs. Understanding light to be an intangible material used to build space Darklit Design created a composition of light that illuminates a daytime activity in the form of a recollection of the experience.

Transience is defined in the work as the essence of a fleeting moment, retracing the transitory movement of flight at night through illumination. Transience can also be described as a disturbance in an electrical circuit, a sudden pulse of current allowing this memory to flash through the predetermined path.

Pigeons are an iconic form in most urban areas, not least of which, Wellington. Light in motion is used to recreate a trace of the feathered joy, transient beings flitting and chasing through an alleyway.

Darklit Design is a collaboration of skills that fundamentally focus around a passion for lighting and design. Courtney Norman is a Massey University graduate with an Honours degree in spatial design. She completed her major project in 2011 with a series of public installations, showing on the Wellington waterfront, Wellington airport, and the Performance Arcade on Auckland’s Aotea Square. Courtney has been awarded two Bronze Best Awards from the NZ Designers Institute for collaborative projects in 2011 and 2012. Courtney’s parents, Steve and Di, have joined with her to form Darklit Design adding complementary technical skills to Courtney’s design practice.