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Tūrama Pou – Pou of Illumination

Interrupt Collective

Trees are pou,
Those posts are pou
People are pou.
You are a pou[1]

Tūrama Pou is a site-specific work that inhales and exhales a flow of light through the Timber Forest on the Wellington Waterfront. Luminaire adorn the vertical timbers, visually responding to the tidal rhythms of the harbour.

Conceptually pou are the metaphorical or physical ‘posts’ planted/established/grounded in this realm, but reach up to the other realm.

Tūrama Pou emphasises the interconnection of tidal flows and lunar effects, through illuminated breaths between earth and the night skies, bringing an awareness of our own integrated sense of place and being.

[1] Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru, 2013.