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VANDERVECKEN Plasma Research

patrickprofileimgWhen they’re not busy running giant Tesla coils or building LED creations, Dr. Jez Weston, Josh Bailey, and Patrick Herd have been collaborating under the title of VANDERVECKEN Plasma Research.

Jez Weston has a background in laser welding and rocket science and continues to build ever more complex LED performance equipment and an eco house in Brooklyn.

Josh Bailey is a software engineer by profession with interests in large scale industrial arts and high voltage. A native of Karori, he spent approximately twelve years in the United States where he worked with the likes of the Nevada Lightning lab and Survival Research Laboratories. Josh is now based at Victoria University of Wellington, conducting research into software defined networking technology. One of his side projects is collaborating with the New Zealand School of Music on plasma acoustics research.

Patrick Herd is an electrical engineer with interests as varied as cinematography to the aerial arts. After working for Wellington Institute of Technology and Victoria University of Wellington, Patrick is exploring the match between his skills and his artistic intentions. He recently completed the electrical fit out for Bats Theatre at their new location and is constructing a robotic drum kit.