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Volume 4,096

volume 4,096 from squidsoup on Vimeo.


Volume 4,096 was commissioned by the Royal Society New Zealand as a permanent installation for the foyer of its new headquarter building. The work is part of Squidsoup’s ongoing research into volumetric visualisation techniques using large three dimensional cubes of LEDs.

The work has two modes – day and night. Daytime mode consists of slow moving spheres, reminiscent of the flows of a lava lamp, designed to complement but not overpower what is a working environment rather than an art gallery. When the building turns into more of a gallery space at night, the grid has a far more energetic and vibrant mode of operation that you see here. Exuberant multicolour explosions fill the atrium in volumetric splendour. Seen from outside, it appears as if there is a firework display inside the building.

Squidsoup has many years experience at building visual installations using three dimensional grids of lights like this to create truly three dimensional visual experiences that occupy physical space, but Volume 4,096 is the first exhibit to use a new hardware system, Ocean of Light 2.